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AWE First Edition Program

What is the

AWE Program

Douar Tech and the US Embassy Morocco are hosting the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs Program throughout 2021. The program aims to promote the economic independence of aspiring female entrepreneurs from across the country. Douar Tech is jointly hosting 50 participants through a 6-month virtual training program and in-person, 7-day bootcamp from January to July 2021. The AWE will connect aspiring female entrepreneurs to benefit from a high-quality curriculum, integrate themes of emotional intelligence and empathic leadership, and to create connections within the community. 

What we do

Active Program Components

Throughout the program, participants will become proficient in entrepreneurial and business skills by building in cooperation with a community-based project, creating solutions for their local context. Douar Tech will implement the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs through a multi-step approach, ensuring long-lasting impact:


Core Courses

Participants will attend sessions to understand concepts from the DreamBuilder curriculum, provided by in partnership with Arizona State University, in order to apply their knowledge with baseline principles.


Expert Speakers

Douar Tech will utilize its vast network of digital and entrepreneurial professionals from the Moroccan ecosystem, as well as American counterparts, to provide real-life context to participants and create channels for mentorship and guidance.


Personal Project

Participants are expected to prepare context for a local community initiative that may be further developed utilizing the skills gained from the bootcamp and contacts with new professionals and female entrepreneurs. 


Peer Mentoring

Participants are paired off in a partner program that serves as an informal form of peer mentorship and system of accountability. Partners should study together and hold each other accountable for attendance to workshops and courses, offering as a first arm for questions or feedback.


Local facilitation workshops

Participants are required to complete at least 2 local facilitation sessions with community members in Darija on a selected course from the DreamBuilder curriculum. This will allow a ripple effect of the transfer of knowledge. Using the local language increases efficiency and helps to reach all types of audiences.