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All About the basics

Flagship Curriculum

Douar Tech developed a 9-month training program that is conducted for Moroccan beneficiaries in partnership with other associations and institutions. Building on our intensive digital skills training program, students integrated into guided mentorship and solicited micro-work opportunities to ensure their readiness for the job market and instill confidence in their abilities.

Web Development
Assimilate the bases of programming through HTML and realize projects with several computer languages to initiate project ideas.


Develop your product idea and gain skills to implement a sustainable project while understanding the skills to become a successful manager.

​Foundations of Technology

Familiarize yourself with the components of the digital economic sector and baseline dynamics of the Internet through web applications.

What we do

Active Program Components

The Douar Tech team created a dynamic blend of tangible learning modules and activated field experiences by engaging our core network from the Moroccan and international ecosystems. Our blended approach is made up of 5 major components and sprinkled with other activities throughout the program period.


The Tech Enterpreneur Training Program

Our flagship course offers a comprehensive blend of web development concepts, introductory entreprenuership skills, and relevant cultural context from the digital economy.


Learning Managment Application

Douar Tech implements its blended learning model by providing inclusive access to our in-house Learning Portal for students to access multi-lingual course content at any time.


Mentorship Pairing

Once students are equipped with the technical skills and know-how to prepare them for the job market, today’s context requires an entry point and a friendly face to guide new workers in the digital economy.


Digital Expert Series

The digital economy is a diverse marketplace with niches from SEO to illustration. When students learn the stories of people in their local areas capitalizing on these skills, they may find role model to follow behind.


Micro-work Integration

 In a final layer of skill application, our students are integrated into paid work experience while continuously enrolled in Douar Tech training. They test their practice with financial incentive to continue growing and learning.