Douar Tech | UPSHIFT Digital Skills Workshop

What is the

Douar Tech | UPSHIFT Digital Skills Workshop

Douar Tech conducted a 3-day workshop in parallel and in addition to the UPSHIFT Program deployed by UNICEF Morocco and Bidaya benefiting 22 women participants. The objective of this workshop was to improve the knowledge and skills of the participants on the themes of digital and information technologies, through the transmission of knowledge, technical training, and the sharing of resources and concrete tools promoting the impact and sustainability of their entrepreneurial projects. Indeed, with the crisis of the COVID-19, the vast majority of entrepreneurial projects proposed in the framework of UPSHIFT are oriented towards products or services that will require online support.

what we hope to achieve

Program Objectives

Marketing & Branding

Greater ability of project teams to create digital assets for marketing and brand awareness for their associated entrepreneurial projects

Revenue Generation

Creation of tangible digital assets as tools for revenue generation and sustainable utilization for their entrepreneurial projects

Digital Field

Participants’ demonstrated interest in digital skills content and/or career paths related to the digital domain

How did it go

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Explore / Digital Marketing
  1. Introduction / Exploring Tech. Today
    • Overview of Douar Tech, program, digital tools + creating Gmail accounts
  2. Digital Marketing + Strategy
    • Overview of digital marketing, consumer personas, marketing to an audience, Canva + creating 2 graphics for social media
  3. Professional Emails
    • Email structure, components, and standards
  4. Interactive Marketing
    • Platforms, statistics of growth, and practice with “egg challenge”
Day 2: Immerse / Websites
  1. Creating a Website in WordPress
    • Overview of platform and full website build on computers
  2. Marketing Channels + Revenue Generation
    • Hassan Aanbar addressed financial growth through social media
  3. Website Support
    • Finalizing design and troubleshooting solutions in WordPress
Day 3: Connect / Digitalization
  1. Presenting your digital toolbox
    • Create portfolio of digital content and state 3 goals through May 2021 + present to peers for feedback
  2. Digitalization in Entrepreneurship
    • Zakaria met each team with specific advice for their growth + discussed legal structures + digitalization feedback
  3. Wrap-up of Program
    • Created Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and linked to Gmail
    • Next steps with Douar Tech follow-up

the impression we left


In feedback from sessions, participants found the most valuable content around digital marketing and how this technology could impact their businesses